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Road Trip Photos from Pennsylvania

Otter Creek Recreation Area

These pictures were taken at the Otter Creek Recreation Area. Here I met some cool SOYers: Rina, Kris, JD and Mike. Yes, my fellow SOYers and I are standing in the same location as the band in the photo on the back of the Throwing Copper CD. Neat, huh? Also in this set of pictures is a picture of one of the many dams at Otter Creek.

York, Pennsylvania

These two photos are from York. Granfalloons is where Chad Gracey, Chad Taylor and Ed Kowalcyk worked while they were in high school. The big building is a picture of William Penn Senior High School, where all four band members graduated in 1989.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This last photo is of the Chameleon Club in Lancaster. This is the club where the band had their first sold-out show, as well as numerous surprise shows. The band also taped "Modern Rock Live" at the Chameleon. I also found the old bank that the band purchased. No photos of that, though. Trust me, it is a nice building!