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Pictures from Oregon

I had a business trip to Portland in June 2001 where I was given the opportunity to see the town with Chad's help. He took me to Mt. St. Helens, Multnomah Falls, and all kinds of great restaurants and the like while I was there. We also got to hang out at the house where I was able to take a few pictures. Here are some photos from that trip.

Here's Chad at his computer

Another pic of Chad at his computer

Okay, the last pic of him and his damn computer

This is a pic from his kitchen

This is his favorite chair - he is lounging on this whenever he has time to chill at home

A pic of Mt. St. Helens lava flows

A picture of Multnomah Falls from the road

The large boulder on the right is the size of a bus!

This is a picture of Chad and his friend Eric, who also went with us to Mt. St. Helens and Multnomah Falls