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Fan Photos

This section is one dedicated to the fans of Live and Chad Gracey. Many folks have shown an interest in seeing pictures Chad has taken with fans and I figured it would be fun to have a central "library" of sorts to let fans post their pictures for other fans to check out. Since I have limited space to save files, however, I have given first priority to pictures folks have with Chad Gracey. If space allows, I will consider putting up fans pics with other members of the band, because I have a few of those as well. If any of you have photos that you would like to include in here, please email them to me at Be sure to include how you would want me to identify you (name and location). I'm sure Chad would love to see your pics and I'd love to put any additional images in here!

This is Karyn from Pennsylvania. How funny is that sign??

This is another of Karyn from Pennsylvania

This is Kary from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She runs the Unofficial Adam Kowalcyk Fan Site

This is Kary from Indiana again

This is Amber from West Virginia

This is Becky Devoter (on the left) and friends from New Hampshire

This is Marije from The Netherlands

This is Erin from Michigan

This is Sierra from Michigan

This is my friend Kevin from Illinois, who has a drumkit just like Chad's

This is Sinem from Australia

This is Emma from Wellington, New Zealand

This is Tom and Susan from Connecticut. Some of you know them because they run the Gas Heds fan club on AOL.

This is Toloa from Auckland, New Zealand

This is Elia from Anahuac, Texas, who met Chad on her quincenera

This is Laura from Anahuac, Texas

This is Megan from Anahuac, Texas

This is Bree and Heather from somewhere in the Midwest of the US

This is Becca from Chicago, Illinois

This is Toni from Budd Lake, New Jersey, at the Saratoga Springs show. Another funny sign, it must be a trend!

This is Justin from Budd Lake, New Jersey and Special Agent G

This is Rory from the Jones Beach, NJ show

This is Tina-Louise from Toronto, Canada

This is Eve and Krystle from Morgantown, WV

This is Melissa and Karen from Columbia, MD

This is another from Melissa and Karen from Columbia, MD. Looks like Chad was in a goofy mood...

Becca with Chad at the Hershey show

"A Dream Come True" - James from the Jones Beach show in NY. A very Happy Birthday indeed!

Jennifer and Gabriella Ingegneri with Chad at the Camden show on 8/11/00

Chad G and Nina in Munich, December 1999

Chad G and Mark at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland.

Chad G and Kimberly at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland.

Angelique and Chad at the Camden, NJ show.

Steven, Chad and Courtney in Nashville, TN. This was Steven's first rock concert. What a way to start them off!

Kellie with Chad in Camden, New Jersey on August 11, 2000

Gen with Chad in Irvine, California

Gen with Chad in Los Angeles, California

Chad & Rachel at the Greek Theater, Los Angeles, September 25, 2000

Chad, Bree, and Rondah in Chicago, December 9, 2000

Chad with Rita in Amsterdam at the 3FM studio, 2000

Chad with Cara in Montreal

Chad with Bree in Detroit

Chad with Tonya in AZ, October 2000

Chad with Jacqueline in Amsterdam, Holland, May 2002

Chad with Jacqueline in Amsterdam, Holland, May 2002

Chad with Marcia in Amsterdam, Holland, May 2002

Chad with Olga in Holland

Chad with Courtney in St. Louis, Missouri, November 2001

Trina, Ed, Courtney and Gracey in St. Louis, Missouri, November 2001

Mina and Chad, Mr. & Mrs. Olympia in Sydney, Australia

Jen and Gracey in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Summer 2002

Chad and Cristina in Pennsylvania, November 2002

Heiko Boekel and Chad in Amsterdam, May 17th, 2002

Chad and Shawn Braley in Delaware, July 19th, 2003

Chad and Ali in Albuquerque, October, 2000

Shay (who helped with my most recent site update, thank you!!) and Chad in House of Mouse (House of Blues) in Anaheim, CA

If you have a photo with Chad and would like to add it to this page be sure to send it to me at!!!