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Take the Chad Gracey Quiz!

Go ahead, take a few minutes to take this quiz. The answers (except for #10) can all be found on this website. So find out how much you really know about the guy behind the drumkit...

Question 1: What is Hogmah?
1. A traditional Amish celebration of the pig
2. A phrase Chad uses when he thinks someone's lying
3. Potatoes and sausage baked in a pig's stomach
4. The name of Chad's turtle

Question 2: How many drum kits does Chad currently own?
1. 10 kits
2. 6 kits
3. 8 kits
4. 7 kits

Question 3: If Chad weren't drumming with Live, what would he be doing?
1. Something in medicine or parapsychology
2. He'd still be drumming, just with someone else
3. Something involved with forestry
4. Eco-challenge competitor

Question 4: Where does Chad call home?
1. Los Angeles, California
2. Portland, Oregon
3. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
4. York, Pennsylvania

Question 5: Which songs are Chad's favorite to play off of Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi, respectively?
1. "Stage" and "Heropsychodreamer"
2. "Pillar of Davidson" and "Turn My Head"
3. "White, discussion" and "Lakini's Juice"
4. "T.B.D." and "Rattlesnake"

Question 6: Who does Chad often site as an influence in his drumming?
1. Tony Thompson
2. Kathie Lee Gifford
3. Carter Beauford
4. Mic Fleetwood

Question 7: What kind of pet does Chad own, and what's it's name?
1. A turtle named "Hogmah"
2. Two dogs, named "Trigger" and "Luther"
3. A cat named "Spitz"
4. None. Chad has an imaginary friend named Eli.

Question 8: Which two peers does Chad enjoy listening to?
1. Brian Nevin and Mic Fleetwood
2. Carter Beauford and Taylor Hawkins
3. Tre Cool and Ginger Fish
4. Matt Cameron and Eric Kretz

Question 9: How does Chad sign his autograph?
1. "Chad Gracey"
2. "CAG"
3. "Chad G"
4. "#1 Chad"

Question 10: What do you think of this website?
1. It Rocks! I've never seen anything cooler in my life
2. I've seen more excitement at a Depression Anonymous convention
3. Damn! You mean I have to think?
4. The Official Dawson's Creek website is better

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