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1998 Surprise Shows

CBGB's, New York, New York - March 8, 1998

Set List:


Don't Wait (described as a hard song)

New Town

To The Great One (described as a ballad)

Still Aroused

Wash Away The Blood


Lakini's Juice


Yeah Right! I wasn't fortunate enough to be close to NYC, and consequently, could not attend. But I was told that it was a very intimate setting, with very few people present, and all of the band members each spent time with everyone after they performed their 45-minute long set. But alas, no VINE STREET?? All I can say is I'm extremely jeaslous of all you folks that got to see the show (for 3 BUCKS, no less!!!), I'm sure it was an excellent time…Maybe they'll do a FOL show soon at the Chameleon, I can only hope…


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