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Welcome to The Chad Gracey Fan Site, the Web's official and most comprehensive site on Chad Gracey. In case you aren't sure who exactly Chad Gracey is, he is the drummer for the band +Live+. Chad has designated this site as his official site, and as such he often adds input to it, and many visitors, such as yourself, continue to help shape it as well.

Feel free to check on what's new with the site, read Chad's biographical information, find out what equipment Chad uses, look at some photos of Chad and the rest of the band, read interviews with Chad, see some questions Chad answered for visitors of the site, check out what the recent news on a giveaway is, look at miscellaneous +Live+ material, including my trips to Portland, York, Lancaster and +Live+ shows I've been to, explore other +Live+ sites through the Links page, sign my guestbook, and send me some mail!

This site is constantly growing, and is built upon by the author as well as submissions from you, the fans of Chad Gracey and +Live+. Since this site is continually under construction, the format and layout constantly changes, but the information gets better and better. I hope you enjoy this page, and as always, feel free to submit any info or pics that I might be able to put on this page as well.

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